Neurointerventional Training Program

Neurointerventional Fellowship program

We offer a 3-year combined stroke/intervention position. We also offer a 2-year stand-alone neurointerventional training program.

The requirements for the vascular neurology fellowship includes prior completion of a Neurology residency. The requirements for the Neurointerventional program are different depending on your specialty:

  • Neurosurgeon - prior completion of a neurosurgery residency
  • Radiology - prior completion of radiology and diagnostic neuroradiology residencies
  • Neurology - prior completion of neurology and vascular neurology or neurointensive care residencies

If you feel you meet these requirements, please provide the necessary application materials to:

  • CV
  • personal statement / letter of interest
  • completed application (with photo)

3 letters of recommendation to:
Stacie Thebeau, Program Coordinator
Monteleone Hall
1438 Grand Ave
St. Louis, MO 63104
Phone 314-977-4864

Randall Edgell, M.D., Director
Saint Louis University School of Medicine
Monteleone Hall
1438 S. Grand Blvd.
St Louis, MO 63104