Cerebrovascular Disorders and Neurocritical Care Fellowship

The aim of this fellowship is to provide a comprehensive education in the fields of cerebrovascular disorders and neurocritical care. We offer four different training pathways to meet the needs and interest of the fellows:

Stroke academician (2 years)
Stroke Practitioner (1-2 years)
Stroke researcher (2 years)

Each pathway offers a different exposure of the fellow to the available services. For example, the goal of the stroke academician pathway is prepare the fellow for an academic career as a subspecialist in cerebrovascular disorders and to staff and organize an acute stroke unit. The stroke practitioner pathway offers a more traditional clinical experience with special skills in cerebrovascular management and neurosonology. The neurointensivist pathway focuses on the management of critically ill neurological and neurosurgical patients with the goal of pursuing a career as a NICU specialist in an academic or private practice settings. The basic stroke investigator pathway combines clinical exposure to cerebrovascular disease with basic animal research.

Fellows are given a graded increase in responsibility during their training. Our fellows join daily rounds and oversee the daily care of patients admitted to the Acute Stroke Unit and Neurocritical Care Unit. They also provide specialized consultation in the field of cerebrovascular disease and neurocritical care in the Saint Louis University Medical Center and work in close collaboration with Vascular Neurosurgery and Neuroradiology. In addition, they participate in a system for outpatient consultation and follow-up care in a Stroke Clinic.  Fellows learn to provide supervised interpretation and performance of neurovascular studies (extra and intracranial color Doppler and transcranial Doppler) in selected patients.

For more information, contact Stacie Thebeau at (314) 977-4864.

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Stacie Thebeau, Program Coordinator
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Randall Edgell, M.D., Director
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